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What’s a sleep bra? Why should I wear a bra to bed?

Sleep bra – for beautiful, healthy boobs


What’s a sleep bra?

“What the heck is a sleep bra?” you may ask – but it really is a thing. While the types of bras we wear during the day do their job of supporting our boobs, being completely bra-free at night is quite detrimental for our boob health. Since most of us frequently toss and turn in our sleep, it’s important to keep our girls firmly in place to prevent them from becoming misshaped, or even shrinking in cup size.


Did you know?

  • Only 40% of women wear sleep bras.
  • It’s important to avoid underwire bras for nighttime in order to prevent bad circulation and make sure our girls have room to grow. On the other hand, not wearing any kind of bra during sleep can cause irreplaceable damage to our breasts.

Why it’s important to wear a sleep bra

We say irreplaceable damage because once our breasts become a certain shape, there’s no way to reverse the outcome. A more scientific way to explain this are Cooper’s ligaments. Cooper’s ligaments are connective tissues in the breast that help maintain structural integrity. Without the internal support of this ligament, the breast tissue, which is heavier than the surrounding fat, sags under its own weight, losing its normal shape and contour. It’s so delicate that with heavy exercise and movement, it can easily be stretched or torn and once that happens, it can’t be “un-stretched.” Also, the more tears in your Cooper’s ligaments, the more saggy your boobs become, and we most certainly don’t want that! So, by neglecting this very important step in our boob-care routine, we’re in danger of entering the point of no return.


Why are normal bras unsuitable for sleep?

Wearing a normal, daytime bra to sleep may seem like the logical thing to do in order to take care of your girls, but daytime bras are not made to support the breasts during all the tossing and turning that occurs during sleep.

Think about it – during the day, gravity works in a vertical direction towards your feet which means your breasts move in an up-and-down motion. On the other hand, your breasts fall downwards in the direction of your armpits when you lie down at night. For this reason, sleep bras are made specifically to support the various movements of your breasts that occur during sleep as opposed to normal, daytime bras.

With that being said, if youve been wearing a normal bra to sleep, or have never tried a sleep bra before, this is the perfect opportunity to try one!


Common mistakes with bras we make in our sleep


Why you should try a Sleep Bra

You may not know this, but we toss and turn in our sleep a lot more than we think. These movements affect Cooper’s ligaments, so it’s important to make sure our boobs are firmly in place during the night with the help of a sleep bra. Also, without a sleep bra in place, it means the fat in our breasts have the freedom to move all over the place as we sleep. This, unfortunately, can cause our breasts to become a size smaller than our normal cup size.

In order to prevent such circumstances, one must make sure to get quality sleep and maintain breast care every night. Studies have shown that sleeping between the hours of 10 P.M. to 2 A.M. is considered the best time to sleep, as this is when the deepest and most regenerative sleep occurs during the night. Also, our growth hormone levels peak which can help prevent hormonal imbalance in women. In addition to this, wearing a sleep bra will offer the support that is needed for healthy, happy boobs.


Introducing aimerfeel’s Sleep Bras Series

Lace Dreamy Sleep Bra

The Lace Dreamy Sleep Bra is made with absolute comfort in mind.

  1. Comfortable cotton blend with stretchy fabric.
  2. Lace detail on the sides support breasts during sleep.
  3. Double panels inside cups firmly hold and support breasts.

The V-shaped neckline on the back makes it ideal for anyone who doesn’t like tight clothing or has sensitive skin. It is a perfect bra to sleep in. 


Shop our Lace Dreamy Sleep Bra - available in many colors!


Lace Dreamy Sleep Bra | 

Lace Dreamy Sleep Bra


Extra support with The Dream Sleep Bra Firm Support

For those of you who want extra support for your girls, the Dreamy Sleep Bra Firm Support is the perfect bra for you!

The two-ply structure panel stabilizes the position of your chest, and the sides are designed to be high and wide, preventing your breasts from drooping to each side when you are lying in bed and keeping them firmly in its original position, thereby maintaining their beautiful shape. The removable padding allows this sleep bra to be versatile – easily switch it to a daytime loungewear bra with one simple step. Most importantly, the super-soft cotton-blend fabric of this bra makes it an ideal choice for sleep.

Available in 4 colors (black, navy, pink, and purple), this sleep bra provides maximum comfort and support.


Shop our Dreamy Sleep Bra Firm Support:


Dreamy Sleep Bra | Dreamy Sleep Bra | Dreamy Sleep Bra |

Dreamy Sleep Bra Firm Support


The Comfort-Fit Dreamy Sleep Bra

Some of you may be thinking, “But wait… I’ve never worn a sleep bra and I need something that’s doesn’t feel tight or binding but supports my breasts,” then you’re in luck. We recommend the Comfort-Fit Dreamy Sleep Bra, which will fit your body in the most comfortable way. The super-soft fabric will envelop your breasts and offer ample support while you sleep.


Shop our Comfort-Fit Dreamy Sleep Bra:


Comfort-Fit Dreamy Sleep Bra |

Comfort-Fit Dreamy Sleep Bra


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