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We offer a variety of payment methods.
We provide a wide range of payment options besides credit cards. The available payment methods vary from country to country. For example, you can choose from the following payment methods.


  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Klarma
  • Union Pay
  • Grab Pay

  • Please check the available payment methods on the order screen.


    The amount might be a little different depending on the currency rate at the time of billing, so please take note.

    Large orders of the same product may be cancelled without any warning if the purchase is found to be for the purpose of profiting from unauthorized resales.

    Ordering Process (from product selection to purchase)

    Here's how to order products on our website.

    STEP 1: Select the items you want
    Select the color, size and quantity you want and click "ADD TO CART".
    *The color, size, price and quantity are displayed in the "Selected Product" field when you select a color and size. Be sure to check this information before putting the product in your cart.

    STEP 2: Check the products in your cart
    Check the color, size, price and quantity of the items in the cart.
    *Do not click the Back button on your browser. This may delete items in your cart or change the quantity.

    STEP 3: Sign in at the register
    Click "CHECK OUT" on your cart page.
    *If you have registered as a member, enter your email address and password and click "CHECK OUT" to proceed to the next screen.
    *If you have not registered, sign up as a new member.

    STEP 4: Check your order
    Check the product information and check or enter your customer information, shipping method and payment method.
    Check the information carefully to ensure that it is correct and click "Complete Order".
    *Do not click the Back button on your browser. The order may not be completed correctly if you do so.
    *Shipping prices vary depending on your region and the price of your purchase. Click here for details.

    STEP 5: You will receive an email confirming your order
    The email is sent to the email address you registered.

    STEP 6: You will receive an email when your order is on the way
    When your order is in the shipping stage, the first mail will arrive.
    We will inform you of the tracking number of DHL by the second e-mail.

    Adding/including items in shipment after ordering

    We are unable to add items after you order or combine multiple orders for shipment.
    If you would like to add items or include them in a shipment, please cancel your previous order and then contact us by email to order again.


    If you do not receive an email from us, it may have been sent to your spam folder or blocked according to your domain specifications.
    Check your spam folder.

    If there is an issue with domain specifications, set your email account to receive emails from the domain "".

    If you do not receive an email from us even if our domain and address is not blocked, restrictions such as blocking of emails with URLs may have been set for your email account.
    If you still do not receive an email from us after changing these settings, you may have left a space when copying our domain into your settings or copying your email address onto our registration page. Please re-enter this information.

    Your email server may mistakenly classify our emails as spam even if our emails are not blocked in your own settings. Settings on your computer, such as spam and auto filter settings, may also cause our emails not to be delivered.

    You may also not receive an email from us if your email address contains a "." immediately before the "@" or multiple "." in a row.
    This is an issue with our affiliated company or provider's system, and cannot be resolved by us. We apologize for this inconvenience.
    Please be aware that aimerfeel accepts no responsibility for any damages caused to the customer as a result of our emails not being received.

    Please be aware that we cannot tell whether you receive our emails. If you receive no contact from aimerfeel within three days after an order or inquiry, please contact us using the inquiry form or by email. We apologize for the inconvenience.