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About aimerfeel

Welcome to aimerfeel!

Experience the trending fashion at the city of Kobe! It is the best known and popular brand in the Japanese lingerie world creating a leading trend in the women’s fashion market.

Trendy products with great sensibility.

Through many years of experience, Aimerfeel has been passionate about excellence thus each of their product is created with high quality.

Highly in demand women's lingerie in its very affordable price!

Based on the original of 3-Principles.
We offer a product with high quality and at its best price!

In 1964, the shop was first established in Kobe. It began a small shop located in a corner of a mall.

Aimerfeel has the design of innovative and full of trends which they tend to make in order to have a new and unique design.

From Kobe to Japan. We continue to expand into the world from Japan.

Aimerfeel has many years’ experience in the high quality designer lingerie merchandise. It currently holds over 130 stores throughout Japan, Korea and China.