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Choose the right push-up bra with side support to get cleavage

Choose the right push-up bra with side support to get cleavage


If you have a petite frame or a small cup size, you may agree that there are many bras out there that focus on comfort… but where’s the oomph!? It can seem impossible to find the perfect push-up bra that gives you just the right amount of cleavage and lift. But worry no more. We’ll give you the run down on how to choose the right push-up bra for the ultimate cleavage!


Why you’re not getting cleavage: A bra checklist for small-breasted women


Reason 1: You’re wearing the wrong size bra.

If you’re thinking, “What do you mean? I’ve been a 36B my entire life!” It’s time to revisit your bra size. Just as your body evolves with time, your bra must evolve too. Size will also differ with every brand and style. If you’re wearing a size too small or too big, it may be preventing you from getting the cleavage you want. For the perfect fit, get your breasts fitted occasionally when you shop for bras. For more details on Japanese bra sizing, take a look at our blog: Japanese bra size, explained: Your Japanese bra fitting guide.


Reason 2: It’s time to buy a new bra.

When’s the last time you bought a new bra? Come on, be honest. A year ago? Maybe a few? The optimal timing of replacing a bra can depend on how many bras you own and how often you wear that bra, but we recommend replacing your bra every 3 to 6 months. When your bra is no longer in its optimal condition, it won’t have the same functionality that it was giving you when you first bought it. Loose straps, stretched-out bands, worn-out fabric are all indicators that you should move on.


Reason 3: You’re wearing the wrong type of bra.

Some bras are specially designed to create cleavage while some aren’t. You need to find a bra with strong side support and push-in functionality, ideal for maximum cleavage.


Side support is your secret weapon to get cleavage and a smooth silhouette from a bra

There’s a common misconception that small breasted women don’t need support. But that’s not true. The right type of support makes all the difference. Side support is one of the most important features you want in a push-up bra especially for women who want more cleavage and volume. Why? Because without proper side support, your breast tissue will spread out to the sides, when you really want them to push inward. Without side support, you can also get underarm bulge, which is the lump of fat under your arms, especially noticeable when you’re wearing a fitted top or dress.


How to choose the right push-up bra with side support

So, what do you look for? High-cut sides and supportive side bones. These two features are must-haves for cleavage, volume and a clean silhouette.


Best push-up bras with side support

Here are some of our favorite push-up bras with side support that are specifically designed to create beautiful cleavage.



Our side-slimming series is one of our bestsellers. This push-up bra provides perfect side support while staying comfortable. It’s designed with high-cut sides and a side bone to prevent underarm spillage. Instead, you’ll get just the right cleavage and lift you’ve always dreamed of.


Side Slimming Lace Push-Up Bra prevents side spillage and creates cleavage


Side Slimming Lace Push-Up Bra




This is another favorite amongst aimerfeel fans. It’s made with a high-cut underarm area and a side bone for total side support. The cushiony pads are designed for maximum volume and creates cleavage.


Maximum Boost Bra Chomori Bra (R) with high-cut sides and a side bone


 Maximum Boost Bra Chomori Bra (R)



Hope you learned the importance of side support when it comes to bra shopping for petites. Give these bras a try and rock that cleavage!

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