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What color underwear should you wear under white?

White outfits are summer staples and we all want to look gorgeous in them. But there’s one big question. What to wear underneath? Let’s face it. No one wants their underwear to be show-offs, especially when wearing white. But it turns out quite a lot of people are confused about what color underwear works best with white outfits. We’ll be taking you through the dos and don’ts of underwear under white so you can enjoy whatever fashion you want without any compromise.


Don’t wear these underwear under white

Rule number one you need to remember is — no white on white. When you’re wearing your favorite white summer dress or your super tight white jeans, you might think to match it with white underwear to prevent it from showing through. But in fact, white creates a highlighter effect and draws attention, when you want to do the exact opposite.


Oh, and should we even need to mention, black panties and printed underwear won’t help you either. Believe us, wearing these colors is like your underwear’s screaming for attention.patterned-underwear

Do wear these: Nude underwear - every girl should have in their drawer


So, what do you do? Go with nude. Because nude tones blend in with your skin, it has a great camouflage effect which will allow your intimates to remain intimate. When it comes time to choose, it’s important to find a nude that matches your skin tone.

But with so many hues of nude, how do you find the one that’s right for you? We know finding the exact nude that perfectly matches your skin tone isn’t easy. But to make your life just a little easier, here are our top nude underwear recommendations.


TYPE:1 Light beige underwear for light skin tones:

If your skin’s on the pale side, it’s best to go with a light tone that blends in.


Seamless Bikini Panty PI11-Beige

Seamless Thong Panty PI11-Beige

TYPE:2 Pink beige underwear for light to medium skin tones:

Turns out, pink is the new nude. A newcomer to the nude family, pink beige is a great match for those in between light and dark.

Seamless Ribbed Fabric Bikini Panty PI11-Beige

Satin Ribbon Cheeky Panty VE-Pink

TYPE:3 Nude underwear for medium skin tones:

This color is our top-seller in Japan out of all the nude underwear we have at aimerfeel. If you have a slightly red undertone, this color works wonders.

No-Show Bikini Panty VE2-Beige brown

This color is our top-seller in Japan out of all the nude underwear we have at aimerfeel. If you have a slightly red undertone, this color works wonders.

No-Show Thong Panty VE2-Beige brown

Nude-colored panties can sometimes be a bit boring, but Aimerfeel undies are different. If you’re a girl that wants to be functional, but still feel excited wearing them, you’ll love the subtle lace details on the Lace Bikini Panty:

Lace Bikini Panty VE2-Beige brown

TYPE:4 Pink underwear for medium to dark skin tones:

Not only does this color blend in well with darker skin tones, but it’s also a beautiful color you’ll want to wear even when you’re not wearing white.

High Waist Bikini Panty PI-Pink

Lace Bikini Panty PI12-Ash Pink

So there you have it! Hope our quick guide to nude underwear was helpful. Now, it’s time to stock up on those nudes and enjoy your summer white outfits.

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