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Best wireless push-up bra: Maximum lift, Maximum cleavage, Zero pain

Searching for a push-up bra that delivers cleavage, comfort and convenience can be a daunting task. As much as you want a little oomph to your breast, you don’t want to feel like you’re being tortured by a bunch of wires and pads. And just when you thought you found the right bra that did both, there’s that one annoying seam showing through your T-shirt. Ladies, we feel your pain — and we’ve got great news.


Say hello to “Chomori”—the magic word to solve this situation. “Cho” means ultra, “Mori” means enhance in Japanese. It’s the ultimate push up bra that gives you maximum lift ―queen b of push-up bras that does its job without compromising comfort and convenience. Here’s why.

wireless maximum boost bra


Reason 1: Wireless and painless


Once you go wireless, you’ll never want to go back. Let’s be honest. Wired push-up bras are painful and it’s the first thing you want to take off after a long stressful day. Those wire marks are a sign of your boobs crying for help. With the wireless Chomori push up bra, you can wear it all day long and you’ll almost forget you’re even wearing one at all.


There’s no question that wireless has established its place in the world of lingerie, but the downside of it has been the lack of support and cleavage. We’ll show you how the Chomori bra is different. Keep reading on.


Reason 2: Your boobs stay where they’re supposed to


The high-cut underarm prevents your boobs from slipping away to the sides. The u-shaped back is designed for stability and bringing all the flesh from your back and around the sides, to where they belong in the front. This way, you’re getting the maximum volume all day long. Plus, no more awkward moments of adjusting your bra in the middle of your date!


Reason 3: Perfectly padded cups for the perfect cleavage

The Chomori wireless maximum boost bra has built-in pads carefully calculated and designed with differing thickness throughout the entire cup. There’s more padding towards the bottom and the sides of your breasts to create beautiful cleavage and lift.


Reason 4: Conveniently invisible

Surely you want to keep your intimates, “intimate”. We know you don’t want your bra saying “Look at me!” when you’re supposed to be rocking your cute tight-tee look. The Chomori pu sh up bra is completely seamless, so it’s basically invisible under your tee. The special scallop-shaped design conforms to your skin and further prevents the bra from showing through. Genius!


If you want to be more playful with your bras, Chomori bras are full of cute, colorful designs.


Here’s a bolder scallop-shaped design.


Feeling like surrounding yourself with peonies and roses?



Or how about strawberries and polka dots?



Want to become the princess of the sea? This bra will make you feel like one.





Compliments from customers

Let’s see what our customers have to say about the Chomori Bra:


“I’m a petite but the high-cut underarm design does bring extra volume from around the sides. I’m seeing cleavage!”


“After giving birth to two children and breastfeeding them, it’s been a nightmare trying to find the right bra to give my sagging breasts a lift. I didn’t really expect much from this product when I bought it, but when I tried it on… boy was I wrong! I’m seeing volume and cleavage again! Finally, the perfect push-up bra! I’m sure there are other moms out there with similar concerns and definitely recommend this bra to them.”


Ok, time to stop. These compliments are making us blush. Now it’s time for you to check out the Wireless Maximum Boost Chomori Bra and discover the most comfortable and functional wireless push-up bra!





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