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Butt-toning exercises and underwear to pair it with


Here’s a mini Japanese vocab lesson! Have you heard of Bijiri? Bi means beauty and jiri means butt. Yes, the Japanese slang is quite fascinating and a beautiful butt seems to be a universal desire. So what are women in Japan doing for this Bijiri? From butt-toning exercises to underwear tricks, we’ve compiled five tips from Japanese women with beautiful butt.




Tip 1: Beautiful butt starts with beautiful posture

Believe it or not, a lot of people have taken on bad posture over the years. Bad habits like slouching and rounded shoulders negatively affect your body — and your butt is no exception. Bad posture creates uneven hips which leads to an unbalanced foundation for your butt. So here are some tips for good posture:

Make sure your head is positioned straight on top of your heels and your feet aren't turned in. When you start to walk, place your weight slightly behind you and try not to bring your body forward. Take long strides and stand straight and tall with your shoulders pulled backward.


Tip 2: The squat is every toned butt’s best friend (butt workout#1)

Now that you have the foundation straight, it’s time to go to work. There’s a reason the squat has been in every girl’s butt bible. It’s one of the most effective butt-toning exercise. It works your inner thighs and glutes, so if you were born lean, the squat helps you build booty and if you’re looking to lose some body fat, it can help tone your butt. Here’s how:




Stand with your feet hip-width apart and slightly turned out. Place your weight on your heels and squat down into a 90-degree angle. Try and push your butt back. When you stand up, try to press down on your heels and keep your shoulders back. Repeat!


Tip 3: Master the glute bridge (butt workout #2)

Glute bridges are another great way help sculpt and tone your butt.

Despite its simplicity, the glute bridge is a versatile workout that activates your glutes, helps strengthen your spine and improve hip mobility. Let’s get going:

Lay down on your back with your knees bent and your feet planted on the floor. Slowly bring your hips up to the ceiling. Make sure to tighten your glutes, hamstrings and your inner thighs. Slowly lower your hips down to the floor. Repeat!




Tip 4: Make the standing hip extension your everyday routine

Here’s another exercise to tighten your tush. And this one’s easy to try at home, in the office, out in the park or even while you’re waiting in line! Start by standing and hold onto the back of a chair if you need balance. Try not to move your hips and extend your leg behind you around hip height. Make sure you’re flexing your foot with a slight turnout and feel your inner thighs and glutes getting tight. Lower your leg down and stop before touching the floor. Repeat!



These butt workouts are a great way to strengthen and tone your butt. You can practice them on a regular basis.


Tip 5: Underwear to flatter your butt

For those of you who want more than exercise — or just too lazy to move, we’ve got news. The type of underwear you wear matters. The right underwear makes all the difference for a better-looking butt.

The cheeky is a type of underwear that provides more coverage than a thong or a G-string but less coverage than a bikini. The backside is cut in half so you get just the right cheek exposure for an appealing butt. It’s also harder to see your panty line, which is a big plus. 

Here’s our most popular cheeky:

Lace Cheeky Panty #2

Lace Cheeky Panty #2

Satin Ribbon Cheeky Panty

Satin Ribbon Cheeky Panty

Satin Ruban Cheeky Panty

Satin Ruban Cheeky Panty

Double Cord Cheeky Panty

Double Cord Cheeky Panty

What our customers think:

“The stretchy fabric is so comfortable. Unlike a thong, you don't have to worry about getting a wedgie Even in the steaming summer, you won't feel icky with your underwear sticking to your butt. I bought 3 but I'm ready for more.”

“The best thing about it is that it boosts my confidence. I feel sexy just wearing this.” 


There you have it! 5 tips for a better-looking butt. Ready to become the master of Bijiri?

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