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Looking for ways
to show your cleavage
with the right push-up bra?

Do you feel like your breasts have


Changed in



not a fan of uncomfortable
side support bras!

If all of these apply to you
Try our popular aimerfeel Side Slimming Lace Push-Up Bra
Invented in Kobe, Japan
that is comfortable and provides you
with perfect side support

Side Slimming Lace
Push-Up Bra
- Our Concept

Give your breasts
a dramatic lift
Enhance your cleavage
and regain
your confidence
Get your breasts perfectly supported
and lift your breasts
for the ultimate cleavage.
The fuller look of your breasts
with a natural lift makes you
feel beautiful and special.

Side Slimming Lace
Push-Up Bra
- Our Design

Seductive lingerie designed
with intricate lacing that makes you feel sexy.
Looks flawless and beautiful from every angle.
The days when high-cut bras didnʼt make you feel sexy are over.

Secrets of Our Side Slimming
Lace Push-Up Bra

With its high-cut sides and a unique side bone
design our Slide Slimming Push-Up Bras
prevent underarm spillage compared to typical bras.

The lace pattern crosses at the center and connects outwardly all the way to the straps.
This prevents the bra gaping all while contouring your breasts for maximum volume.

Because our side-slimming series provides perfect side support and maximum lift by bringing the breasts upward and towards the center,
the difference it can make is obvious as shown by the model below.

Normal bras

Side Slimming Lace Push-Up Bra

*The effects may differ depending on your body shape.
*If you are unsure of what bra size to purchase, we recommend purchasing the bra size you normally wear.

We are obsessed with your comfort
and making sure it doesnʼt feel constricting
when you are wearing our bra.

What typically
causes discomfort

What usually doesnʼt
cause discomfort

Through numerous studies,
we found a way to eliminate the

“cause of discomfort”
experienced in most bras, the part where the underwire digs into our breasts. Our Side Slimming Lace Push-Up Bra is designed so that you wonʼt feel uncomfortable even after keeping them on all day.

A loved brand by many
We have exceeded
5.2 million
in Side Slimming Lace
Push-Up Bras sold globally!

*Total number of Side Slimming Lacy Push-Up Bras sold in 2021.


Side Slimming Lacy Push-Up Bra