How would you like to start
developing your cleavage
without pain?

Your bust has
started to sag

Loss of elasticity
from childbirth

You want
your plump
bust back


you don't want to wear
a painful corrective bra

If all these apply to you, we want you to try
Lingerie brand aimerfeel's original
high-support corrective bra that is made in Japan


Revive your cleavage
with your original breasts
and revive
your confidence as well
Gather your original bust
properly to create cleavage.
Your heart will skip a beat
unexpectedly from your plump
and naturally beautiful bust.


Luxurious lace that draws out your mature seductiveness.
Totally designed with lace, it looks flawlessly beautiful from every angle. The era of "corrective bras look frumpy" has ended.


The sides are designed to be taller than normal bras and come with a supportive bone to guide the flesh on both sides to the bust.

Lace has been crossed at the front part and connected all the way to the straps to prevent the cup from separating from the skin and pushes up the cleavage while gathering it at the center.

It is a highly supportive bra that gathers all of the flesh on the sides to the center,
so even on the same model,
this is how big of a difference it makes

Our store's normal bra

Side Slimming Lacy Push-Up Bra

*The effect varies according to the person.
*If you are unsure what size to get, we recommend getting your usual size.

We focused the most on
minimizing pain and discomfort

Part that causes pain

Part that does not
cause pain

We conducted numerous studies and avoided the
"part that tends to cause pain"
where the wire touches the center of the bust.
It is designed so that it will not cause discomfort even when worn for long periods of time.

It is loved
by many people
and we have sold a total of more than 5.2 million!

*Total sales of our company's Side Slimming Lacy Push-Up Bra series in 2021


Side Slimming Lacy Push-Up Bra

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