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The Maximum Boost Bra CHOMORI BRA®
will reach its 10th anniversary year in 2023.


First sold in 2013,
it was only available in two colors:
black or beige.

Receiving rave reviews year after year,
the Maximum Boost Bra has
become a major hit.Since its launch, over 18 million of
it has been sold up to now,
and thanks to our customers' support,
we have nurtured it into a long-selling aimerfeel classic that has been
a hit for over 10 years.

We aim to reach 20 million sales
within 2023,
the 10th year of its release.


Cumulative sales of the series
(as of present, March 2023)


Number of product numbers sold up to now (color numbers)

270720color )

Maximum Boost Bra
Review Count


Wireless Maximum Boost Bra
Review Count


※Total count from official online shop and Japan's shopping malls (Rakuten)


Maximum Boost Bra Review

  • I bought it just to try out, and was pleasantly surprised!
    What a revolution! The wire doesn't hurt, my bust becomes fully rounded, it wraps around the flank for a clean look, and doesn't show through clothing- it's amazing.
    I'd only bought one to try out, so I hurriedly bought more. The size was what I'd worn up to now, and is comfortable to wear, but it's different in that it really shapes me up.
  • Fits the shape of my chest (I'm weaning so my chest is soft). It shapes me firmly, and doesn't become loose.
    I'll only where these in summer or under thin tops. The price is also moderate, and I like it so much I have it almost all the colors.
  • It was my first time buying. My small breasts were shaped up. It was also well-fitting, and never hurt where it touched my body. I'm glad I bought it.
  • A repeat purchase. Shapes up an almost nonexistent bust as well! My first experience of a bra that shapes the bust this much!
    It's not the thickness of the bra that makes your boobs look bigger, it really creates a cleavage. Also it doesn't hurt, so it's really an extraordinary product.

Wireless Maximum Boost Bra Review

  • Even though it's wireless, I was so impressed it could boost my bust this much!! It's been my favorite for years.
  • After giving birth, my decolletage was ruined. It was soft and spilled over easily and there weren't any bras that fit well, so I was in a fix.
    After many years I finally found a good bra. I'm going to switch all my bras over to this series!
  • It really shapes me up! It's wireless, doesn't hurt or case tightness, but creates cleavage! I'm moved! I want everyone to give it a try.
  • I often wear t-shirts at work, and these are seamless and don't show through. Above all, they are wireless so don't hurt my sides, and I like that they are stress-free.
    They also shape my chest beautifully, so I will continue to use them in the future.


  • ふっくら谷間メイク
    The soft, thick interior padding lifts from below without crushing & pushes towards the center to form cleavage
  • 脇すっきり
    It wraps around the flank and contains boning to push in the flesh from the back for a shapely silhouette