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Take the bra quiz. Learn how to get the perfect bra fit.

How well do you know your bra? For those of you thinking to yourself, “What do you mean? I’ve been wearing one every day for most of my life!” Today may be the day you find out something new about your bra. The correct way to put on a bra, the different bra features, and styles, the dos and don’ts of wearing a bra and more! It’s time to revisit the ABCs of a bra. Because when you know how to handle your bra right, you’ve got comfort, a longer lasting bra and the best of all — better looking boobs a.k.a every girl’s dream. So off we go!

Let’s start off with a mini bra quiz...


Bra Quiz


How many bra parts can you name?

We’ll give you 20 seconds. Go!

bra partsbra parts



  1. Cup
  2. Cup Neck Hem
  3. Cradle
  4. Bridge (Gore)
  5. Strap
  6. Strap Slider
  7. Side Seam
  8. Wing
  9. Eyelet
  10. Cup Apex
  11. Pad Pocket
  12.  Underwire
  13. Pad

How many did you get right? If you didn’t do so well, we don’t blame you. This type of lingerie lingo doesn’t come up in everyday conversations. Let’s move on to the next quiz!


Bra Cups:

Can you name these 3 different types of bra cups?

Bra cups


  1. Full Cup (Full Coverage)

    This type of bra cup covers much of the top half of your breasts. A full cup (full coverage) bra offer both coverage and support. It gives a smooth outline under clothes, a great design choice under form-fitting clothing, creating a beautiful bust-line.

  2. Balconette (Balcony)

    This bra cup usually has a half to a three-quarter coverage, offers great support from the straps and underwire that push the breasts upward, creating a nice rounded shape on the top of your breasts. A balconette (balcony) bra works well under lower-cut neckline clothes.

  3. Half Cup (Demi)

    Also known as the “demi”. “Demi” means “partial” or “half”, so this type of bra cup has a low cut that encourages cleavage. Half Cup (Demi) creates cleavage by lifting your breasts. It’s best for low cut, scoop neck or wide necklines.



Can you name these 2 different types of pads?


  1. Memory foam pad

    Most aimerfeel bras with A-E cups come with these pads*.

    (*Padded bras and F, G, H cup bras may not come with these pads.) 

  2. Silicone pad

    Great for those who want volume. It also feels like your real boobs!

Great news! These pads are available on the aimerfeel site!









Bra Bridge (Gore):

What’s the benefit of a bra with a low bridge?


Low bridge


The lower the bridge, the better cleavage you’ll get. You also won’t have to feel discomfort with the underwire cutting into your boobs. A higher bridge tends to cover up your breasts, hiding your beautiful cleavage.


Here’s our recommendation of a bra with a low bridge:

Aria Lace Bra & Panty with Side Support

Aria Lace Bra & Panty with Side Support



Side seam:

What are the benefits of a high side seam?


side seam


You’ll get more volume and a better silhouette as a high side seam prevents your boobs from spreading out to the sides. You want to gather everything you’ve got on to center stage! This is the best type of bra for side spillage.


Here’s our recommendation of a bra with a high side seam:



How did you do on the quiz? Now, let’s see if you’ve been wearing your bra the right way.


How to put on your bra — the correct way.


There's a good chance that you've probably putting your bra on wrong your entire life. And the way you put it on could be affecting the fit. Here's three steps to put it on the correct way.


Step 1: Position your boobs

Step 1: Position your boobs

Place your arms through the straps and bend slightly forward. Place the cups on your breasts and hook it on.

Bra expert tip: The rule of the hook

When you get a brand new bra, hook it on to the loosest eyelet for the first few months. Since the bra band is often made with elastic material, the bra will naturally stretch out over time. So when it starts to stretch, you can tighten the band by hooking on to the other eyelets. Starting out with the loosest hook will get you a longer lasting bra.


Step 2: Do the scoop and swoop

Step 2: Do the scoop and swoop

Keep your slightly bent forward position. Scoop your boobs all the way from your side ribcage and swoop them in the bra cup one boob at a time. Then, adjust the straps.


Step 3: Do the one finger test

Step 3: Do the one finger test

If you can slip one finger between your straps, you’ll know it’s adjusted to the right length. You don’t want your straps to be digging into your shoulders or slipping off.


The checklist for a perfectly fit bra


Wearing the right bra can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. With these bra fitting tips you can find your perfect fit.

  • Move your arms up and down. Is your bra stable? If it’s moving around, you may be wearing a size too big. Try adjusting the straps first. If it’s still moving around, try sizing down.
  • Check your band in the mirror. Make sure it’s lined up parallel to the ground and it’s not riding up in the back.
  • Check your underwire. It should be situated comfortably under your breasts. If it’s digging in or riding up, you may be wearing a size too small. Try adjusting the straps first. If the underwire still feels uncomfortable, try sizing up.
  • Is the bra bridge in the right place? If it’s bulging out or riding up, you might have a bra too small.
  • Do you have cup gaping? This happens when your breast is resting at the bottom of the cup and leaves room at the top. Try tightening the straps or go down a cup size.
  • Do you have cup overflow? You’ll need to give your boobs some breathing room. Try going up on the cup size.


If your bra doesn’t feel right, you may need to revisit your size or it may be time to get a new one. Over time, your body transforms and so does your bra. Run to your nearest bra shop and get your boobs sized by a pro. Many of our customers are surprised when they find out they’ve been wearing the wrong size for most of their life. Some say that they get compliments about their posture after switching over to their true size. Getting the right size bra can make a world of a difference.

The next morning you’re putting on your bra, remember to use this guide to check if you’re doing it right!

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