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Strappy Bra & Panty
Anonymous (United States)
First set (brand) to properly fit my girlfriend

My girlfriend says it is comfy, fits well, and looks great and I agree. She grew up in the west and their underwear just doesn't conform to her body well.

So comfortable!

I haven’t bought a new bra in a long time and saw someone on Instagram talk about this website, so I decided to try it. I love that these bras are not wired! The wire on other bras always comes out and starts poking me painfully, so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that with these. No wire also makes them much more comfortable! The size guide is also accurate the bras I got fit perfectly! I’m a 32C and went with a D70 for reference. Another thing I like about this is these bras are high quality but cost way less than the popular American bra brands. And when it says maximum boost it means it. Overall amazing bra and will be buying more.

The same product and quality as I bought from Shibuya, Japan

BELINDA Hiphugger Panty
BELINDA (United Kingdom)

Comfortable and light. Would recommend!

Beauty up wireless Chomori bra Pink

This was the first bra I eagerly tried on in my new order. Because it's a Chomori wireless, which for me, means superior comfort, visible pushup & centralizing of cleavage, and a soft, sensual vibe. I enjoy feeling sexy yet Chomori bras are always sexy & classy, never tarty or sleazy. From the innermost part of you, your feminity & elegance are pushed up, seriously! The ultimate "pushup" for cleavage & confidence! Look no further if you're bra hunting.

Sayuri Deluxe Sheer Bra & Panty
J. Shalom (Singapore)
Sayuri baby pink set

This is one of the prettiest & sexiest bra sets I've ever owned and I love it. It's comfy and does what it says, like pushing up comfortably yet not ott, and the lace is soft not scratchy. Together with the tulle sashes and tiny diamente pendants, it's such an alluring piece to put on even for myself to admire. I got this in my usual size 65D. My only wish would be, if the cutting were like the Chomori series, that the padding is a part of the bra, rather than separate inserts. I find that inserts do not give as stable definition so when I have moved, the cleavage would not be as centralized. Not sure if I'm the only girl with this sentiment. All in all, it's a super investment, for its sexy yet girlish beauty, comfort & pricing. Hope to find more bra sets like Sayuri on Aimerfeel ❤️

So beautiful!

This is a very beautiful bra. Everything about it is great—the color, the fit, the quality. Plus it looks absolutely amazing when worn. Really, in real life it looks just like it does on the models in the photos which is kind of unusual. Great for those of us with a small chest. This is the second time I’ve ordered from this company and I recommend it.

No-Show Bikini Panty
B.L (Canada)
So soft

Material is so soft and comfortable. I end up buying all the colors that have my size. I am US small the first pair I bought them in medium and they fit but a bit tight. So the rest of them I bought them in large and they are perfect fit. Hip size 36.5 -37.


Comfortable and stretchy material. I wear US small and got these in their size M they fit perfect I like them


The material and fabric is beautiful. I am US sizing 32DDD. This one I bought their sizing in H70 and it fits perfectly. So comfortable.

excellent sleep bra

So comfy, wish I had bought way more of these! I love the construction!

Sheer Tulle Wireless Max Boost Chomori Bra

I love the Chomori series as they provide comfort + obvious lift + a sexy cleavage. I got mine in a very pretty pale cream 65D. The design might appear very simple on the website but in reality, it's really classy & super pretty. The pushup effect is just as good, but the gathering effect is slightly less intense as my other wireless Chomori bras, resulting in a slightly less deep cleavage. I'm not sure why, it could be due to the cutting. But if you're concerned about the cleavage-line, no worries, it is still apparent & sexy. I love how the tulle layer over the midpoint of the bra doubles up as a bratop, so I can wear the bra with the tulle slightly showing underneath a low cut silk shirt without feeling awkward. This is a versatile piece which any woman can wear with ease & confidence. Personally, I prefer padding that's already part of the bra rather than removable ones. And this bra has comfy padding in it - thin on the upper and thicker on the lower. I suppose thickness is subjective. For a girl who wears a whole range of bras, including ultra-thin, padding-free bralettes, I think its thickness still looks & feels natural to the touch, not cumbersome. It's wireless too which means you can pack it away easily for a holiday! Another 10/10, Chomori!


I really love it, it fits perfectly, gives a nice cleavage and is really comfy, love it so much i want to order other colors <3

Adorable Bikini Panty
Thomas Schoeller (United States)
Perfect panty

If you’re worried about panty lines with the lace, No need to worry here. This panty has full back coverage that stays put. No creeping here. This panty also has the same super sexy lace on the front, With many many colors to choose from. I highly recommend this super cute sexy panty. ladies will love the fit, as well as the guys. There’s nothing wrong with all of us feeling sexy.

Elegantly Lace Bikini Panty
Thomas Schoeller (United States)
So cute and sexy

Perfect coverage from behind. The lace is gorgeous on the front fits perfectly. If you typically wear boxers, you might not like these. This closely resembles wearing more of a tightie whitey. I will definitely be buying more.

Satin Ribbon Cheeky Panty
Customer (United States)
Absolutely cute and sensual

Fits perfectly and it feels so soft and nice to the touch. I love the ribbon on the front and back. It doesn’t feel tight and it’s not itchy.

Sayuri Deluxe Sheer Satin Bra & Panty (FGH Cup)
Lilithia Sotelo (United States)
Loved it!

The set fit well and are fairly comfortable, and the fabric and design are nice. All in all a great buy in my opinion.

Sayuri Deluxe Sheer Bra & Panty
Ami (United States)
So cute and girly ! ૮꒰ྀི∩´ ᵕ `∩꒱ྀིა

This is my first bra that actually fits me perfectly not to mention it’s super cute! (I got the smallest size) I adore the bows. I will be ordering more sometime soon. ありがとうございます!

I like it so much

Fast delivery, the bras are comfortable and sexy, thanks you

Perfect Natural Shape Bra (FGH Cup)
Abi Mills (United Kingdom)
BEST BRA!!! used them for over 10 years now!!

This is the ONLY bra I wear, Being a narrow girly with a large chest means I need a bra that supports me and lifts me in sideways whilst being stylish, plain and does make my girls slurge out to the side.

I will always by this bra!

This bra definitely gave me the boost that I didn’t expect! Love the cute lace details too!!

I might try going up a size next time though.

Age: 18 - 24
Please provide your height: under 5'0 (152cm)
The fit of the purchased size: Perfect fit
Cute and good!

Good texture, cute design, enjoy it very much!

Princess Bikini Panty
Kate Chambers (Australia)

Great range, fit perfectly & super quick delivery.

Perfect fit and comfortable

Super comfortable