Bra Sizing Guide

Aimerfeel's Bra Conversion Chart

*This size chart is based on the results of measurements made by our company, and will vary with the information on the paper product tags.

Band Size 65cm(30")
JAPAN Bust Size(inch) Bust Size(cm) U.S.Size
A65 29.5" 75cm  
B65 30.7" 78cm 30A
C65 31.4" 80cm 30B
D65 32.6" 83cm 30C
E65 33.4" 85cm 30D
F65 34.6" 88cm 30E/DD
G65 35.4" 90cm 30F/DDD
H65 36.6" 93cm 30G
Band Size 70cm(32")
JAPAN Bust Size(inch) Bust Size(cm) U.S.Size
A70 31.4" 80cm  
B70 32.6" 83cm 32A
C70 33.4" 85cm 32B
D70 34.6" 88cm 32C
E70 35.4" 90cm 32D
F70 36.6" 93cm 32E/DD
G70 37.4" 95cm 32F/DDD
H70 38.5" 98cm 32G
Band Size 75cm(34")
JAPAN Bust Size(inch) Bust Size(cm) U.S.Size
A75 33.4" 85cm  
B75 34.6" 88cm 34A
C75 35.4" 90cm 34B
D75 36.6" 93cm 34C
E75 37.4" 95cm 34D
F75 38.5" 98cm 34E/DD
G75 39.3" 100cm 34F/DDD
H75 40.5" 103cm 34G
Band Size 80cm(36")
JAPAN Bust Size(inch) Bust Size(cm) U.S.Size
A80 35.4" 90cm  
B80 36.6" 93cm 36A
C80 37.4" 95cm 36B
D80 38.5" 98cm 36C
E80 39.3" 100cm 36D
F80 40.5" 103cm 36E/DD
G80 41.3" 105cm 36F/DDD
H80 42.5" 108cm 36G

*If you are looking for a more relaxed fit, order one band size larger.
*The displayed US sizes are recommended sizes. If you are between cup sizes, please order one size larger from the size list above.

How to Measure Your Japanese Bra Size

In order to properly measure your size, wear one of your usual bras and then, with a measuring tape, measure the circumference of your chest at the fullest point and directly under your bust. Use the measures you obtained to look up your size in the chart.

1:Measure your bust horizontally.
2:Measure your underbust horizontally.

Wireless Bra

Size & Fit

JAPAN SIZE S-Small M-Medium L-Large LL-X-Large
BRA SIZE A65,B65 B70,C70 C75,D70,D75 D80、E80
Bust(inch) 28.3"-31.4" 31.1"-34.3" 33.8"-37.0" 36.6"-39.7"
Bust(cm) 72-80cm 79cm-87cm 86-94cm 93-101cm

Panties,Lingeries,and Apparels

Size & Fit

JAPAN SIZE M-Medium L-Large LL-X-Large 3L F-One size fits all
Bust(inch) 31.1"-34.3" 33.8"-37.0" 36.6"-39.7" 39.3"-42.5" 31.1"-34.3"
Bust(cm) 79cm-87cm 86-94cm 93-101cm 100cm~108cm 79cm-87cm
Waist(inch) 25.1"-27.5" 27.1"-30.3" 30.3"-33.4" 33.4"-36.6" 25.1"-27.5"
Waist(cm) 64cm-70cm 69cm-77cm 77cm-85cm 85cm~93cm 64cm-70cm
Hip(inch) 34.3"-37.4" 36.2"-39.3" 38.1"-41.3" 40.1"-43.3" 34.3"-37.4"
Hip(cm) 87cm-95cm 92cm-100cm 97cm-105cm 102cm-110cm 87cm-95cm


How to put on a bra correctly


We put on bras everyday, but we don't necessarily think about how to wear a bra, or if it is the correct way. Many of us could be putting a bra on the wrong way the entire life and don't even know. If you want to put your bra on correctly, then there are some tips you can follow. Read below and learn how to put on a bra correctly. 

how-to-put-a-bra-correctly_step1  how-to-put-a-bra-correctly_step2  how-to-put-a-bra-correctly_step3  how-to-put-a-bra-correctly_step4

1. Bend forward slightly and place cups over your breasts before fastening the hook.

2. Keep bending forward as you feel the side of your breast for additional tissue below your armpit.
Use your hand to gently ease the side of your breast into the cup.

3. Stand up straight and adjust the straps so that they fit comfortably over your shoulders.
There should not be any breast tissue spiling over the top of the bra.

4. Adjust a bra so that it fits eveny from front to back.

Please try on with tags attached first. We will gladly accept exchanges or returns if the size is not right for you.

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